Haymarket SAC Publishing Launches Indian Edition of Stuff Magazine

Haymarket SAC Publishing has announced the launch of the Indian edition of its Successful Gadget Magazine – Stuff. Stuff is currently the best-selling Gadget Magazine in the World and the 6th biggest-selling Men’s Monthly in the UK. The editorial content in Stuff is presented in a very unique & opinionated way with first tests, exclusive news, authoritative reviews and the Top 10 of everything buyer’s guide. Stuff sells about one million copies a month worldwide. It is in fact said to be the iPod of Magazines – beautifully designed, simple to use and uniquely desirable.

The inaugural issue will have the hot & sizzling Malaika Arora Khan gracing the Cover. This issue will hit the Stands in December 2008 & is priced at Rs. 100/-. Another exciting factor is the launch of the NANO version of the magazine with the Inaugural issue. This means that, with your standard size edition you get a miniature version of the same magazine; so you can choose what suits you best! This is also the first time any publishing house in India is introducing this concept, which has been a hugely successful and accepted format internationally. You could rather buy both just for the excitement of buying something that is so uniquely different & tiny. So, you’ll have all your latest gadgets crammed into one little handbag-sized wonder.

Stuff – India will include various categories covering 60% – Technology, 15% – Luxury / High End / Fashion Accessories, 10% – Sports Technology, 5% – Sports Apparels, 5% – Adventure Stories / Whacky Stories & 5% – Home Appliances. The initial UK to India Editorial content ratio would be UK : IND 70:30 (% first six months) & will eventually move to – UK : IND 40:60%. The magazine will target 99% readership from Men in the age group of 18 to 40 years living in Urban Indian & having access to the latest technology.

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