Harshal Publications Launch Teenage Magazine 'Safari'

Harshal Publications, Gujrat based publication house has launched a new monthly named Safari.Published in affiliation with Ahmedabad-based Nagendra Vijay Science Foundation, the magazine aims to cover all areas of knowledge ranging from astronomy and aviation to weather and wildlife. It synthesizes information and presents it for young readers in a way that stretches their minds, stimulates their imagination and develops their reasoning skills. It is also designed to prompt questions which they are free to ask SAFARI and get them answered in the GK queries section of the magazine.

‘More than anything else, it is our endeavour to get young readers to think more and more in an inquiry mode as opposed to simply memorise lessons.Children as well as teenagers have inquisitive minds. They are interested in how the world works and why things happen the way they do. Unfortunately, much of what they learn in school comes to them through the process of learning by rote, whereas it is the learning to think which is the real stuff of education. Besides, they remain constrained by the curriculum, and immense knowledge that lies beyond the defined course of their study is kept out of the classroom.’ Says Managing Editor Harshal Pushkarna.

Through SAFARI (the word literally meaning expedition in search of knowledge), the thirty-years old publishing house seeks to initiate thought process in young readers, a vital force not only to counter the passive observation fostered by television-dependent age, but also to give them the upper hand in a highly competitive world.

‘SAFARI reflects the body of knowledge generally deemed appropriate for children aged 9 to 15 years, though effectively it is a big people/little people magazine. It is designed so that adults and youngsters work together and explore the fascinating world we live in. Compared with social studies, languages and math, general knowledge has been given relatively low priority in out education system. SAFARI will do its bit to restore equilibrium, because in the talent-driven society of today, knowledge is power. Tomorrow, when the youngsters grow up, it would be even more so.’Says Nagendra Vijay, managing trustee of the foundation’,Nagendra Vijay, managing trustee of the foundation said.

The first issue of SAFARI, priced at Rs. 25/- and now on newsstands, is a treasure trove of information.

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