Happydent White goes Mobile

New Delhi : Perfetti Van Melle India, the leader in confectionery market has launched a mobile based ‘Car Racing Game’ for its brand ‘Happydent White’. Racing games are one of the most popular genres of games and riding well on this concept, Happydent’s car racing game gels well with the brand proposition of ‘Whitening gum’. This exciting game can be downloaded by any mobile phone user.

There are 3 levels in the game- City, Circuit & Scenic drive. The first level, City, is a fairly simple and is more of a practice session. Once the player clears it, the real challenge starts at the 2nd level, Circuit, where the player has to maneuver the car through twists and turns to reach the finish line. The scenic drive level tests your skills as well as tests your patience too. The player has to win the race without banging his car into other cars on the race track but if he rams his car into another one, the car headlights gets broken and one will have to use ‘Happydent White’ instead of the headlights to light up the road and complete the race. If the player is not able to complete the game in the given 3 chances, he will loose the game and will have to play again to reach to the next level.

Commenting on this initiative Sameer Suneja, Managing Director, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Mobile Gaming is very popular in the age band of 15-30 years which is also Happydent’s core target group. The brand values and the brand message are captured skillfully in this 3 level car racing game. This is our first initiative in mobile gaming and we hope that Happydent Car Racing Game so liked by the youth.”

Samir Bangara, COO, Indiagames said, “The mobile game industry currently stands at 250 crores and post 3G roll out it is expected to grow at much faster pace. There are about 40 million mobile internet users in the country today which is expected to increase exponentially. The Happydent mobile game is a sticky top view racing game where the player navigates a dark track, constantly consuming Happydents to keep the headlights on.”

Just a few months back, Perfetti had launched two initiatives on Internet- ‘Happydent Shineshah Challenge’ & a ‘Social Media Marketing initiative” on Facebook .

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