Happybuyer.org Offers Shopping Without A Credit CArd

A Philippine-based company Happy Buyer Inc. has introduced a cash payment solution for online merchants and consumers .The system of online payments for purchases made on the Internet has always been dominated by credit cards. This is no longer true.

Happybuyer.org is offering people who don’t have credit cards the opportunity to purchase products or services online with cash.

Happy Buyer is the first and only cash to credit card conversion service on the Web, said president Dick Detering who is based in Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines. Detering said cardless buyers can pay to Happybuyer.org at any Western Union Bank or MoneyGram outlet for their online purchases. While the service is free for merchants, consumers have to pay Happybuyer.org a 10 percent service fee with a minimum of $10. To enjoy the free service, merchants need to place a link on their payment page to the homepage of Happybuyer: http://happybuyer.org.

“Approximately 90 percent of the world population (currently 6.5 billion people) don’t have credit cards” said Detering. “That’s 5.85 billion people without a credit card. About 10 percent of this group, which is equal to 585 million, regularly try to shop online. They hope to be able to pay on the Internet with cash but in most cases they can’t. So online merchants miss out on approximately 585 million potential clients”.

Detering also said that about 25 percent of online credit card transactions are declined for all sorts of reasons, which would mean that merchants are missing out on an additional 162.5 million potential buyers.

“Based on the above mentioned figures, Internet based companies are missing out on about 747.5 million potential customers” he said.

Commercial websites could substantially increase their sales by accepting cash on their websites in conjunction with credit cards, he added.

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