Hanmer MSL launches ‘21 years of Economic Reforms: The Journey So Far and the Year Ahead’ report

Mumbai: MSLGROUP India’s Hanmer MSL today launched their most recent executive report ‘21 years of Economic Reforms: The Journey So Far and the Year Ahead.’

The report gives an overview of the reforms undertaken by India over the past two decades, highlights the key achievements of the Government in terms of growth, innovation, investment and shares insights on the ongoing battle against poverty and literacy. ‘21 years of Economic Reforms: The Journey So Far and the Year Ahead’ also explores in detail important focus areas such as the social sector, hunger, corruption, infrastructure, administrative reforms and fiscal management. The report looks ahead and shares thoughts on what lies ahead in terms of growth and investment for India, in light of the nation’s upcoming union budget.

Jaideep Shergill, CEO, Hanmer MSL, said, “In many ways, the budget of 1991 was a game changing event. ‘21 Years of Economic Reforms: The Journey So Far and The Road Ahead’ is an attempt to understand India’s economic journey that began on July 24, 1991. The executive report takes a look at India’s growing pains and the challenges that remain, which are key to understanding India’s complex business and communications landscape.”

This report follows Anna Hazare: A Hanmer MSL analysis of the mass movement against corruption in India and its use of public relations tools and techniques, Understanding the Public Relations Industry in India: Challenges, Opportunities & 2012 Outlook, which has paved the way for an open and transparent debate on the future of the industry, as well as When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Smart, which examined how a further global downturn will impact India and what businesses should do to guard against it.

Most recently, Hanmer MSL was awarded Agency of the Year by the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) Chanakya Awards 2012. A prestigious award, the accolade is recognition of excellence and innovation in communications.

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