Hakuhodo Percept Launches new WAGON R Campaign

Hakuhodo Percept’s objective for the new Wagon R TVC was to take the brand to the next level in terms of imagery. The Blue-eyed boy concept for the new Wagon-R TVC is meant to take this thought forward by positioning the car as a premium, desirable and appealing vehicle

The WagonR has been an epitome of smartness for the consumers. Known for its performance, reliability, innovation and space, this unconventional looking car has gradually emerged as the most popular selling car in this segment.

Today’s consumer is ambitious, thoughtful and highly progressive, who, looks forward to a certain degree of sophistication in his lifestyle and someone who is not driven merely by rational benefits hence the concept of ‘The Blue-eyed boy’


Hakuhodo Percept conceived the TVC as a surreal world made up of thousands of car parts floating in mid-air. The idea was to show the all new components that go into the making of the all new car. These include engine parts, interiors, suspension parts, instrument panel and the all new exterior details, such as headlights with blue detailing, celebration chrome plating, etc.

In the TVS, Madhavan, the celebrity endorser of the brand wagon-R enters this virtual as a space/time traveller and proceeds to put these parts together, thus giving birth to the new car. As soon as the car takes shape in its new avatar, the virtual world gives way to the real world, where Madhavan becomes the new favourite, or the Blue Eyed Boy.


The TVC was heavy on CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) thus Hakuhodo Percept decided to rope in a team of experts from Thailand for the production of the TVC. A large Thai crew worked closely with a French CG Director in Bangkok for the pre-production planning and detailing of the film, shot by shot.

As the storyboard was detailed, the visualization of the virtual world gradually took shape. The film scenes involving Madhavan and the new car were shot against a chroma background in Filmcity, Noida on a 35mm film camera. Since the film involved real car parts ensconced inside virtual floating glass cubes, the level of detailing for the movement, reflections on each individual cube, and the 3D view of car parts within the cubes was paid special attention to.

The entire CG production, including production visualization and design, wiremesh creation, texturing, lighting, rendering upto the final online was done using state-of-the-art 3D software at Fame Post, Bangkok. The music of the film was composed by Music Director Vipin Mishra, and combines a sense of grandeur using Western Classical string instruments and sci-fi feel of a fast paced Techno track with computer generated special effects.

The Team

Client: Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Product: Wagon-R

Advertising Agency: Hakuhodo Percept Pvt. Ltd.

Account management – Kosuke Katoka, Arjun Modayil, Pamit Kapoor

Production House: Phoscine Productions, Bangkok

Post Production: Fame Post, Bangkok

Music: Painted Sounds, Mumbai

ECD: Manish Masih

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