Guruji garners top ranking for Music search

Bangalore :, India’s premier “Desi” search engine has set the benchmark through its unique music search engine. JuxtConsult, the only fully integrated online market research company in India, in a recent survey, rated as the most preferred music search engine in terms of user experience when compared with the other key players in the market. The research offers comprehensive insight and advanced understanding of online music search preferences of regular internet users. launched its music search product in 2008 and has constantly upgraded its search engine enabling the product to be more user friendly than ever before. JuxtConsult conducted the survey across various demographics with a vast sample size taken from JuxtConsult’s own 145,000+ internet user panel ‘’. The sample size consisted of users between 15-35 years age group; all of whom were ‘prior’ music searchers online but not necessarily prior users of the specific websites they wereasked to test for this survey.

Anurag Dod, CEO – said “Innovate and Invent has always been our core proposition to position ourselves in a competitive market which is dynamic in nature. We launched our music search engine a year back and ever since we have evolved and improvised our product to suit the ever changing needs of our online users. The Juxtconsult report has only strengthened our market position helping us establish a prominent position in the Indian music search engine market.”

JuxtConsult conducted the survey across various parameters assigning the respondents specific tasks to complete and compare between music search engines and music sites –,, and The survey was conducted considering various aspects to ultimately judge the over all search experience which included the appeal of the home page, time taken for task completion, degree of task completion, ease of usage, iteration of key words, language support by the website and many more factors which would influence an online user to when searching. In the summary of mean scores for Overall Search Experience. got 4. 5 followed by at 4.1, at 4 and at 3.6. The research threw up interesting data – delivered a far more satisfying overall music search experience, with 58% rating the experience as extremely pleasant and easy. Google scored 38%, 42% and 25%. For timeliness of task completion 59% voted that was the fastest when compared with the other websites. Google was at 42%. As far as smooth search was concerned, 78% of the respondents felt that among the other 3 websites, was the most user friendly.

Sanjay Tiwari, Director of JuxtConsult said, “The online music space is under constant evolution with technology changing at a rapid pace to meet the online music searching and listening requirements of the current generation. While conducting the research we gave due consideration to the all the key parameters that the regular online music users seek for a good usage experience within the current context of the Indian online music space. was benchmarked against the other key players like, and The resultant data from our research clearly indicates that stands out as the most preferred music search engine among the four in terms of user friendliness.” has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology in Internet Search in India. Their service empowers users to search for and listen to their all music from 1932 to 2009 and in just one year from the inception of Guruji Music Search, it has become India’s most user-friendly music search engine, as per the JuxtConsult research. With the legion of loyal users increasing, this milestone is just a precursor of what more will have to offer in future.

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