Growth surge reflected in IPL online viewership

Building on the success of last years viewership of IPL 3 online, a significant growth for IPL 4 online viewership is being witnessed this year. It seems that every cricket buff is trying to become a part of the history unfolding. In the first week alone the viewership of IPL 4 online has seen a growth of 38% over last year.

Last year YouTube recorded over 5.5 million channel views in first week and this year the combined pageviews (Indiatimes and YouTube) for first week have grown to 8.8 million, an increase of 38% over last year. This jump clearly reflects the growing popularity of online media as a means for watching IPL 4 matches online.

As per data on Indiatimes, 1.7 million page views, was the highest single day of page views on 12th April when matches between Rajasthan Royals V/s RCB and Delhi Daredevils V/s Mumbai Indians were played. The concurrent users on an average have been 40-45 K during the match.

Statistics reflects that the number of netizens watching IPL 4 online is at an all time high with every passing day, the graphreflecting number of viewers is touching new heights.

“Indiatimes in partnership with YouTube is striving hard to offer its users a world class online IPL experience. We have been able to reach out to million of viewers worldwide by offering smooth streaming of IPL 4 matches. We’re excited about the response we’ve got so far and it will continue to build as we progress in the tournament. We are foreseeing a bright future for online screening of IPL matches in coming years”, said Rishi Khiani, CEO Times Internet.

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