Growth Potential and Salary Top Job Satisfaction Ingredients: Yahoo Hotjobs Survey

According to Yahoo HotJobs’ annual job satisfaction survey, 72 percent of employees are open to a new career opportunity in 2008, and you might be the reason. More than four out of ten employees (43 percent) blame either dislike of their boss’ management style or lack of mentorship at their company as the reason they would be willing to leave their current job.

While salary (36 percent) and growth potential (34 percent) are also major considerations in deciding whether to seek out a new career challenge, the majority of respondents, 55 percent, agree that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.”

“Having a fair, sympathetic manager who makes employees feel valued is a crucial element to an employee’s job satisfaction,” says Yahoo! HotJobs Managing Editor, Tom Musbach. “A good manager will remember that it’s important to offer intangible benefits like work-life balance, positive recognition and opportunities for growth. These are just as relevant as the basics, like salary, benefits and vacation days, when it comes to making employees happy.”

In fact, when asked which aspect of their job was most important for determining their happiness at work, most respondents, 32 percent, say having a good boss or supervisor ranks first, followed closely by salary and opportunities for advancement. And, in identifying their ideal manager, 70 percent of respondents prefer a hands-off boss who trusts them to do their job but is there when needed.

Almost half of respondents, 43 percent, think they could do as good or a better job than their boss if they switched positions for a day.

The workplace dynamic is changing. Employees have raised the bar when it comes to job satisfaction, expecting their employers to offer more–whether it is salary, respect, work-life balance or even vacation time. If they’re not getting what they feel they deserve, they might join the 30 percent of employees who are not only open to a new opportunity, but who are actively looking for a new position in 2008.

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