Grey New York Releases 'Obamccain' Image on Election Eve

Grey New York, the global ad agency, released an image today reminding voters to “Let the Issues Be the Issue” as they go to the polls on Election Day.

The image features the two senators, whose hard-fought battle for the White House is drawing to a close, with their skin colors switched. Tor Myhren, Grey New York’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “This is a non-partisan image. We wanted to address the race issue straight on. And it cuts both ways. If you’re hopping on either candidate’s bandwagon solely due to the color of their skin, you’re voting for the wrong reasons.”

The image is being run in newspapers, outdoor posters and online. The image has been picked up by several public high schools in New York, Denver and other cities around the US. A lesson plan has been built around it, and it will be used as a discussion piece with students.

Grey New York is the flagship and largest office of Grey, a unit of Grey Group. Grey Group ranks among the largest communications companies.
Its parent company is WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY).

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