Grayling New York Announces New Leadership

Grayling New York is offering ‘smart power’ solutions to the overriding issues facing clients and companies today. Smart Power Solutions are designed to address clients’ needs for solution-centric communication — a departure from practice-specific offerings — that require greater collaboration among investor relations, corporate communications and public affairs. As new co-chairs of Grayling’s New York office, Anne McBride, Chairman Worldwide Investor Relations and Jacinta Gauda, Chairman Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, have developed integrated offerings drawing from the three practice areas to address crisis communications, M&A, repositioning, bankruptcy, and life-stage solutions for biotech companies.

Anne McBride said, “We can’t choose the times we live in, but as communications specialists we can help to insure that our clients handle challenges in the correct way and communicate with their constituents to insure the best possible outcome. We believe that companies that handle challenging times effectively will emerge intact; some may even come through this stronger and more focused.”

Jacinta Gauda, Chair of Grayling’s Corporate Communication and Public Affairs practice added, “The need for outcome-driven communication has never been more important. The practice of addressing communications through separate and distinct practices is an impediment to effective reputation management. This is particularly true with the issues we are managing today — repositioning, M&A, and effective communications with the new administration. And while we are helping clients manage some of the most daunting situations, there is a high level of excitement about the new administration, and receptivity to offerings that help clients to position themselves with the new Washington agenda. Good strategic counsel is essential to succeed.”

Grayling won several new clients in the first month of 2009, and extended work for existing clients with new projects. One notable signing was the win of A-Power Energy Generation System, a Chinese wind power company that is building China’s largest wind farm. Grayling has been hired to handle all of their communications in the U.S.

McBride and Gauda concluded, “We believe there will be growth in certain areas in 2009 where we already have a leadership position. China is one such market. We are building on our strong Hong Kong presence and extending its reach to the mainland, where we will be opening a Shanghai office in the next few months.”

With change comes opportunity, but smart communications turn opportunities into realities.

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