Gothic Fashion Lingers on Gothic Beauty Magazine

Beginning with issue 25, currently on newsstands, Gothic Beauty magazine is expanding its coverage of gothic fashion and music to keep up with the subculture gaining mainstream relevance. In addition to features on Elizabethan fashion and makeup, this issue also exposes other facets of pop culture’s dark side with articles on the haunting images of Tim Turner’s Ghoulish Gallery, the 2008 Dark Cities Survey, ranking the top 25 goth scenes in America, and a full color feature with Kynt & Vyxsin, the Amazing Racers who have become the voice of “goth” in mainstream media. This issue also introduces the highly anticipated book reviews section, as well as music reviews and interviews.

Continuing the trend with issue 26, the magazine will be the lens through which the kaleidoscopic world that has become the goth culture can be viewed. And with the recent promotion of senior writers Jonathan Williams and Athena Schaffer to the newly created positions of Entertainment Editor and Assistant Music Editor, respectively, the next few issues promise to further explore the many ways goth aesthetics continue to influence various forms of entertainment.

Since the Fall of 2000, Gothic Beauty has been the premiere source of fashion and lifestyle information for the goth scene. But as that scene has become relevant to many aspects of mainstream society, Gothic Beauty is following that trend by expanding its coverage of music, pop culture and entertainment while retaining its roots in cutting edge fashion and aesthetics. Published four times a year, Gothic Beauty is America’s largest gothic publication, distributed nationally at Hot Topic, Borders Books, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Waldenbooks, and F.Y.E. stores.

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