Google TV, Facebook ,Twitter to pave the way for social TV

London : Google TV will transform both television viewing and the television industry by tightly integrating online social networking with the TV experience, predicts media trends and strategy company Futurescape.

“People naturally associate Google TV with adding search to television. However, it can access any Web site on TV. Users will inevitably flock to Facebook and Twitter, with their friends and followers, and establish a new era of social TV, discussing shows online via the TV set,” said Colin Donald, Director, Futurescape.

Futurescape’s new research report, Social TV, reveals the radical effects of connected TV systems such as Google TV for both viewers and the television market.

TV will transform from a broadcast medium into an online, social medium.Twitter and Facebook on TV facilitate real-time social interaction around programming.This has enormous significance for networks, as viewers can discuss shows via the TV set and influence each other’s viewing. This interaction also enhances the whole TV experience for viewers, as they can actively engage with each other, particularly around live event programming.

Twitter and Facebook are taking key roles in the pay-TV industry.The global pay-TV market, estimated at $250bn in 2014, needs social recommendation and discovery. These can encourage viewers to subscribe to more expensive packages and to buy more video-on-demand content. Facebook and Twitter now have key roles in pay-TV as the major providers of social data and as facilitators of recommendation.

Viewers’ recommendations can displace electronic program guides.Viewers recommending TV shows to each other will supplement or even displace using electronic program guides (EPGs) to plan viewing. EPG providers are already integrating social network data into their systems so EPGs can incorporate recommendations, too.

Socially-targeted advertising will challenge conventional TV commercials.Both social networks already run socially-targeted advertising and connected TVs enable such ads to appear on TV. Facebook users will see updates from brands they opt to follow and also ads that are personally targeted to them. Twitter users will see tweets promoted by brands and can pass these on to their own followers. Social ads on TV will disrupt the $180bn worldwide TV ad market, currently based on broadcast commercials.

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