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The startup forum, which had its debut one year back is grown in support and interest from the community, and rapidly has grown to become a rendevous point for entrepreneurs and grow from interactions with one another and in rubbing shoulders with everyone in the ecosystem – from investors to potential acquisitors. Hindustan Times, in a recent article mentions to become the signature event in the years to come.

Google, the search engine giant is the premier sponsor for the upcoming edition of the gathering happening on the dates of January 18th and 19th in Asiana Hotels, Chennai. This will be the last edition of the event in its home soil, after which it is set to go national, starting with Delhi in July and Bangalore in December this year.

The event which showcases some of “the most interesting and promising technology startups in the ecosystem” has so far staged 57 companies, out of which more than 40 of them have benefitted by acquiring clients, receiving exposure, retaining and hiring talent, and in growing in market presence that quite a few of them have grown to having turnovers in the lower crores since their short-time-back inception. “This edition of the event will see 17, very exciting and interesting companies from across the verticals of telecom, mobile, internet, enterprise, software and in some new frontiers which are quite unique and truly innovative”, says Vijay Anand, the founder of the forum.

“It has been a core need and want from everyone in the entrepreneurial community to grow an ecosystem as vibrant and creative as the silicon valley and bringing all the stake holders together has been a key part of it all. While the entire community benefits, It is the startups that very much relish this association, since they gain their rightful place as value-creators for the economy.”, says Vijay who started this initiative as a reason for his own personal frustration in a lacking ecosystem.

Google which has recently launched Android, a mobile development platform, and Opensocial, an open social graph platform which they hope to unveil to the entrepreneurial community to encourage them to develop and exploit potential markets and opportunities using that. With applications in Facebook gaining widespread notice, Opensocial is expected to change the rules of that game quite significantly.

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