Google India , MediaAgility Announce Cloud Computing event

Gurgaon: An interactive Google India event to discuss Cloud technology and the sheer benefits it brings for organizations of all sizes.

Cloud computing has broken out of the confines of being a frontier technology and has started gaining spaces in all forms of businesses. We are all familiar with the potential of the Cloud and the kind of paradigm shift it’s ushering in for the organizations worldwide. Despite what you read over the Internet, it’s dispensable for you to comprehend the Cloud from a rather more applicable point of view if you’re looking ahead to reap the gains this new technology has on offer.

In a bid to empower businesses by embracing the Cloud in its entirety, Google India invites you to an Event of its own kind, dubbed “Cloud Computing – The New Frame of Technology”, which will see a host of cloud computing mavens from Google and other industry experts imparting essential practical knowledge you need to have for deploying the Cloud across your organization. Several Cloud computing enthusiasts will be sharing the stage to discuss about the pros and cons of the Cloud and the strategies businesses should adopt to make the most of this burgeoning phenomenon.

This is a strict “Invitation Only” event. Registrations can be made at:

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