Google brings Creative Sandbox to India

New Delhi: After its grand success in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Sydney, the Google Creative Sandbox is coming to India! The Google Creative Sandbox was designed to spark the imagination of agencies by immersing them in a highly unique and creative environment that showcases some of the best uses of Google products. The event will highlight the great advances in web technology that are being used by creative minds around the world pushing new boundaries and delivering extraordinary results.

Google Creative Sandbox event will be an interactive session, comprising of an select gathering of Indian advertising industry’s finest creative minds and marketing honchos of leading brands. The audience will be viewing the latest technological innovations done around the world and discuss the emerging opportunities for advertisers in the digital space in India.

Speaking about Google bringing the Creative Sandbox to India, Shailesh Rao, Managing Director Google India & Head of Media & Platforms Japac said, “Over the last one year, we have taken significant steps and invested in training the young advertising professionals in the country to make best use of web platform. At this stage of evolution in India, we believe it is critical to bring in a podium to drive focused efforts by partnering with agencies to truly leverage the full potential of the web platform. With over 70 million users in India, Internet is now established as a mainstream medium and the creative minds in the agencies have a huge opportunity to do something that’s never been done before online in India. In that sense, Google Creative Sandbox event is an effort to engage and enable agencies and marketers to foresee the endless possibilities that they can explore on the digital medium and go beyond the traditional campaigns that we see today in India.”

The event will also have key notes and presentations from Googlers covering topics like ‘Brand conversations in the digital world’, ‘Kamasutra of Marketing’ and many more. The event will also showcase creative execution of Ad-campaigns done on Google’s product platforms like Geo, Mobile, Chrome browser and Orkut.

YouTube with its recent success of streaming IPL would be big attraction at the event catering to the rich media innovations with case-studies from across the globe. Another big focus will be the mobile pod created for the innovation geeks who are looking to break new boundaries on the small screen. This will be an invite-only event for the ad-agencies and marketing heads of leading brands in the country and will held in Mumbai on 28th of May 2010. To get a feel of how this showcase for innovation will run, check out the video of the NY event.

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