Google Ad Network Ranks as Top Internet Ad Network in Australia

Sydney: comScore, Inc. has released a report on the top Internet activities and ad networks in Australia from its comScore Media Metrix service. The report found that Portals led as the top category by penetration, reaching 96.1 percent of Australians online in September, while Social Networking accounted for the largest share of total online minutes at 20.8 percent. Among ad networks, Google Ad Network ranked as the largest entity reaching 13.9 million visitors (88.9 percent of the entire online population in Australia), followed by Adconion Media Group (66.5 percent reach) and ValueClick Networks (56.2 percent reach).

Analysis of the top content categories in Australia showed that Portals reached 96.1 percent of the total Australian online population age 6 and older accessing the Internet from a home or work location, ranking as the top category by penetration. Other top categories by online reach included Entertainment, which reached 94.3 percent of the 15.7 million Australians online, followed by Search/Navigation (91.8 percent reach) and Social Networking (90.0 percent reach).

When looking at the top online categories by share of total online minutes, Social Networking led the ranking with 20.8 percent of total minutes in September, followed by Portals at 17.3 percent share of minutes. Entertainment content accounted for 13.8 percent of minutes during the month, while Instant Messengers (7.1 percent) and Email (5.1 percent) rounded out the top five.

The comScore Ad Network report, which measures people that were actually served an ad through an ad network and reports on the audience reached through these networks, found that Google Ad Network led the ranking in September with more than 13.9 million visitors, or 88.9 percent of the entire Australian online population. Adconion Media Group ranked second with 10.4 million visitors (66.5 percent reach), followed by ValueClick Networks with 8.8 million visitors (56.2 percent reach). Tribal Fusion reached 53.5 percent of the online population, while Digital Networks Sales secured the #5 position with 24.8 percent reach.

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