GoldSpot Media Releases Cue Zones Solution for Mobile TV

GoldSpot Media, a pioneer in interactive advertising solutions for mobile video and broadcast, has announced Cue Zones(R) support in miSpot(R), an end-to-end solution for interactive ad inventory and campaign management, dynamic spot creation, serving and analytics for mobile TV advertising.

Traditional TV broadcasts to mobile devices have lengthy ad-pods embedded in the content streams. In view of the snacking nature of Mobile TV, the probability of consumers tuning into a channel after an ad-pod has finished playing and of tuning out of the channel before the start of the next ad-pod (or as soon as the next ad-pod starts) is very high. Inventory owners will be challenged to generate healthy ROI for mobile streaming and broadcast TV services if they rely solely on ad-pod models.

“Cue Zones is GoldSpot’s patent pending technology that inserts in-stream interactive advertising into mobile TV streams during ad free content viewing,” said Dr. Xin Feng, Co-founder and Chief Architect. “Using GoldSpot’s interactive campaign creation web tools and Cue Zones solution, service providers can guarantee interactive ad impressions during ad free mobile TV snacking periods. GoldSpot’s interactive campaign templates are mobile extensions of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) specifications for broadband videos and can be used to create interactive ad assets for cue zone spots within a matter of minutes.”

As consumers navigate through the prevailing economic conditions, discretionary spend on Value Added Services (VAS) is bound to decrease. The Cue Zones solution enables the Mobile TV value-chain with high value interactive impressions to offset declining ARPU from pure sub scri ption

“Inventory sharing models from traditional TV alone cannot sustain ad funded mobile TV services,” said Srini Dharmaji, President and CEO. “Non-video interactive advertising can be a valuable substitute for an industry grappling with lack of short form video ad inventory. GoldSpot’s Cue Zones technology brings the best of breed standards from cable, online and mobile worlds to service providers and content providers. Combining Cue Zones and targeted video ad replacement in ad-pods can solve the Catch-22 (profitability vs. eyeballs) in Mobile TV business models and accelerate mass market, sub scri ption free services.”

GoldSpot Media offers the industry’s first end-to-end interactive advertising solution for all mobile channels, inventory owners and applications. Its unique solution powers profitable new advertising revenue models for the entire mobile content and video value chain by delivering highly targeted, less-intrusive ads in real-time based on demographics, behavioral patterns, device types, context and location. The privately held company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with a R&D center in Bangalore, India and sales offices in Europe and Malaysia.

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