Golden Kela Awards launch ‘Anti-Kela Awards’

Starting this year the Golden Kelas will be handing out special ‘Anti-Kela’awards for the ‘Saving Graces’ of 2010. The awards are for the films that were meaningful and entertaining, while still being in the mainstream.

Jatin Varma, Founder, Golden Kela Awards, says, “Such films (that pleases even the bitter, easily ticked-off Golden Kela Committee) come few and far in-between, and so the Golden Kelas would like to commemorate and celebrate them, to show that there exists light and hope along with darkness. Good and bad will always go along. So, ‘Golden Kela Awards’ would like to celebrate both.”

Vikramaditya Motwane, Director, Udaan, on being approached for receiving the Anti-Kela Award for the saving grace of 2010, says, “I am happy to receive the ‘Anti Kela Award’ and the fact is that this award means a lot more to me than the 29 awards I’ve won(not to say that I am counting) because it comes from a bunch of people who think that our movies can be better, and if people like the Golden Kela team think Udaan is good enough then it means a lot to me.”

Abhishek Chaubey, Director, Ishqiya is attending Golden Kela Awards. On being asked what he thinks of Golden Kela Awards, he says, “It is helping bollywood take itself a little less seriously, it is much needed too.”

Mayank Shekhar says, “Film awards, and there are over a few dozens, tend to repeatedly honor the same people who’ve been involved with the same films. It gets beyond boring. Somewhere, we end up ignoring trash in the process. Not fair. The same amount of effort goes into making bad films too! And there is such a thing as great trash. Golden Kelas is a fine way to honor the best of the worst, the true underdogs of Indian cinema, as it were.”

The 3rd Annual Golden Kela Awards will be hosted by the King of Nonsensical Humor, Cyrus Broacha, on the 12th of March in Gurgaon. The Kela Committee sincerely hopes that in the years to come there are more and more Anti-Kela worthy films, and fewer films that make us want to create a category just for them.

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