Global Advertisers executes AB Cartridges campaign

Global Advertisers created the new concept of Corridor Branding in Mumbai. The campaign kicked off with 5 billboards of 42×42 to create the impact bombastic.

Global Advertisers’ landmark hoarding has also caught the attention of every commuter because of its strategic location, never-before quality and visibility.

Over the years, Global has distinctively created a niche in the OOH industry and dodged competition and recession by stressing on quality rather than quantity. Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers says that “I work towards the perfection. At Global we put heart and soul in developing only one outdoor site at a time- one hoarding but one-of-its-kind. This time we came out with a very new concept of Corridor Branding, with a set of 5 hoardings at one location for AB-Cartridges at Sion, which has created awareness about the product as well as brand identity.”

For the record, AB-Cartridge plays an active role in printing industry in India, they remanufacture Printer cartridge, laser printer as well as inkjet printer cartridges. Mr. Anil Bhadhuria-Owner AB-Cartridge, believe that the positioning of billboards attracted many eye balls towards it, the set of 5 hoardings together effectively communicated our message and I believe OOH has got immense potential to influence our target group.”

For the last 16 years, Global has delivered quality and innovative outdoor solutions. Adopting an unconventional focus on OOH with a presence in all areas – hoardings, railways, bus, neon displays…. In short, anything and everything you can think of or can’t think of in outdoor advertising.

A progressive team of strategists, media planners and experts understands the fluctuating needs of clients, extracts the best mileage from the limited budget with the right mix of approach, rates and planning.

The agency works closely with its clients to find fresh ways to expand the power of our medium and magnitude of client’s return.

Global offers customized media and creative solutions, cost-effective and economical packages, ahead-of-its-time quality with a sense of competitive urgency.

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