Glam Media Launches Glam Luxury Vertical Network

Glam Media, Inc., the pioneer of vertical content networks, has announced the launch of Glam Luxury ( This new vertical channel for luxury fashion, premium travel and fine living, provides luxury advertisers–including launch advertiser Swarovski–with a targeted way to connect with affluent tastemakers and audiences at the heart of the Web’s long-tail. Glam Media’s expansion into the luxury market addresses and underscores marketers’ flight to quality properties that can target and provide direct access to influential high-end consumers, even in today’s economic climate.

More than 35 Web sites and online publishers have joined Glam Luxury–including new Glam publishers, Luxique, Momist, Senora Cartera and Travels in Taste, along with existing publishers Refinery 29 and Apartment Therapy–as part of the larger Glam Publisher Network of 640+ sites.

“Glam Luxury is more relevant for luxury marketers than ever before,” said Joe Lagani, Vice President of Brand Sales for Glam and former publisher of Conde Nast’s House & Garden. “The words, images and thoughts that surround a luxury brand must reflect the current times with a speed and adaptability the high-end marketer requires. Glam Media provides marketers with the right audience, environment and reach, and enough
flexibility to change with marketplace dynamics.”

Glam Luxury provides advertisers with a targeted audience of affluent consumers, the demographic that spends 10 hours a week online at home and 3X more time online than reading magazines, according to the Luxury Institute. Using Glam Media’s Evolution brand engagement and ad serving platform, Glam Luxury supplies brand proximity, audience targeting via context and engagement modes and digital primetime(TM) ad placement to present the most relevant and engaging ads sites within the Glam Media network.

“The Internet is becoming a preferred medium for the luxury consumer to gather knowledge about high-end products and experiences,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. “Glam is leveraging the dynamics of niche content as few have done, offering Luxury marketers a new way to have an immersive and engaging digital presence with audiences–particularly important during a slower economy.”

Glam Luxury’s editorial direction will be shaped by recently appointed Glam executive editorial advisor Martha McCully, former executive editor of In Style magazine and judge of HGTV’s “Design Star”. The Glam Luxury channel will feature Glam editorial content and serve as a hub for its network of more than 35 luxury bloggers, websites and publishers. Glam Living’s Editorial Director, Erika Lenkert, will expand her role to also oversee original editorial content and curation of publisher content for Glam Luxury. Lenkert has written and edited extensively for publications, including: In Style; Elle Decor, Every Day with Rachael Ray; Food & Wine, Los Angeles Magazine and Frommer’s.

Glam Luxury editorial coverage on also acknowledges that today’s luxury consumer is concerned about the world, philanthropy and charity. In addition to luxury features and product coverage, Glam Luxury will regularly highlight the mission and works of select charities; creating yet another touch point for luxury marketers to connect with consumers on multiple levels.

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