Glam Media Announces Comprehensive Range of Media Services

Glam Media has announced the introduction of Glam Perks, a set of value added services for publishers, including a deal with Splash News & Picture Agency that gives the more than 600 sites in the Glam Publisher Network access to licensed photos, at no cost to publishers. Glam is the only network to provide publishers with comprehensive media services to leverage publisher content, audience and traffic.

“Glam monetizes my site with the best brand advertisers, something that requires a level of business, operational and technical capability that would be nearly impossible for most independent publishers to replicate themselves,” said Stephanie Rahlfs, creator of Stiletto Jungle blog. “But the media services are what truly set Glam apart from other advertising partnerships.”

With the introduction of Glam Perks, Glam now provides publishers with a full suite of services which go beyond representing ad inventory to include a range of media, operational and technical services to make publishers truly successful.

In providing access to photos from Splash News, Glam is solving a big challenge for publishers that are seeking rights-managed and relevant photos for their sites. Under the terms of the deal with Splash, Glam publishers have licensed and free access, via the GumGum licensing platform, to a set number of Splash photos per month free of charge and unlimited red carpet photos. Splash is the leading independent entertainment news and picture agency in America and brings the most up-to-date celebrity and Hollywood images to millions of people around the world through their distribution arrangements with leading newspapers, magazines, and TV.

“Splash wants to support bloggers by giving them licensed access to our photos,” said Gary Morgan, CEO of Splash News. “As a content provider, Splash continues to innovate its business model to take advantage of new opportunities and dynamics with the rise of mid-tail sites and networks like Glam Media.”

The Glam Publisher Network launched in November 2005 with 12 initial charter members and has grown over 5,000% to more than 600 web sites and blogs today — making Glam the largest vertical content network and category leader in women today. Glam facilitates the creation, launch and building of businesses for its hundreds of publishers by allowing them to focus on creating original content and engaging their audiences while Glam Media provides an “ecosystem” to increase revenue by leveraging the publishers’ digital content at premium advertising rates for advertisers worldwide.

“Glam’s carefully curated network of publishers is the cornerstone of our business and we are always grateful for their fresh and passionate editorial,” said Julieta Alvarado, Director of Network and Community Marketing for Glam Media. “Glam Perks further demonstrates our commitment to making our publishers successful.”

Glam Perks, launching on October 1st, and other services are available to members of the Glam network on the Glam Insider publisher dashboard.

Glam’s vertical content network features six separate channels representing each category including: Style, Living, Entertainment, Family, Health & Wellness. Each channel offers a distinctive blend of original editorial, media partner content and curated content from the Glam Publisher Network. Glam Media brings together premium media content and 640 publishers to give advertisers a unique and diverse platform for brand engagement with their target audiences. The company’s market-leading publisher network of 600+ sites includes: Apartment Therapy; BagSnob;FashionTribes; SheFinds; Shake Your Beauty, Stylebakery and others.

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