Giant Release Launches Entertainment Character Sites

Countless characters are being released on the public by way of film, TV, DVD and video games. Characters,real, imagined, virtual, animated, comic or computer generated have become mainstream and they make up the majority of film, TV and video game entertainment for 13-34 year olds. A group of young online media veterans got together recently and created a tightly focused ad sales firm managing a few character based sites with three goals: 1. Offer marketers an opportunity to connect with the integrity and excitement of mainstream characters in film while influencing an entire community of hyper-engaged consumers, 2. Stay focused, 3. Remain profitable. How are they doing it? They’re keeping it personal and delivering on promises every step of the way.

President of Giant Release, Daniel Clark says, “We are not an ad network, which gives us a huge advantage in a time when ad networks are under major pressure from their VC’s. Giant Release puts the profits back where they belong, back in the site publisher’s hands. Marketers and media buyers win because they are integrated and are a part of the process at every level.”

Giant Release’s advisors are a mix of the young internet media elite that know what marketers want and how they want it. “Across America we’re hearing that it’s time for change, and that’s what we’re offering our partners and marketers, change,” says Clark. Sites like maintain editorial integrity through a selective approach on film reviews. Another site, is a leading character’s site that promises a game changing addition in the coming weeks.

Don’t be spooked, Giant Release’s model isn’t for every marketer. However, they do offer exclusives for studios and brand marketers to connect their messages within relevant environments and make an impact among a mainstream audience where word of mouth is important.

Giant Release delivers a focused blend of exclusive entertainment sites that deliver the best Hollywood entertainment editorial and the largest community of mainstream characters in the world! Our audience is made up of the “the first in line” movie openers, DVD consumers and TV episode viewers.

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