GETIT Launches getitFREEADS-classifieds on phone

Kolkata: GETIT Infoservices Ltd has launched its two exciting services getitFREEADS-classifieds on phone to buy/sell anything and CallGetit– local search service providing 24×7 right answers in West Bengal, starting with Kolkata. GETIT FreeAds on voice is India’s first free classifieds product available on the phone which enables the buying and selling of used products.

Consumers can now dial 4444 4444 for both CallGetit (local information searches) and getitFREEADS(for buying and selling of used products). GETIT also launched its SMS App and forayed into WAP service with ‘’ and ‘’. This will nowenable the consumers with simple search and product transactions.

Sidharth Gupta, CEO, GETIT Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. added, “After spending about 12 years in Kolkata, we are now introducing our integrated digital services to be able to bring a host of powerful services for consumers both in the metros and the mini-metros as well as to local businesses across Kolkata so as to help them grow their business and find new customers.

We all are aware of the near 100% tele-density for markets which lead consumption. With the advent of 3G services, search is bound to shift to mobile devices and it is important that with our pioneering tradition, we bring in products & services to capture these markets. That is why we are introducing a slew of apps, both for smartphones across all platforms as well as for low end phones so that all consumers can, with ease, have the power on their fingertips whenever they are searching for information & classifieds.

This year, we expect to have 100% growth in markets across India in terms of number of businesses that will benefit from advertising on our services which will mean an overall revenue growth of over 65%.”

getitFREEADS™ – India’s Maha Bazaar, is India’s first free classifieds service available to consumers via a combination of phone and online. Consumers can now dial 4444 4444 for getitFREEADS™. Theycan now place free ads in various categories like household goods, jobs, vehicles, properties, education/tuition, business/service, computers/mobile phones, healthcare/holiday, personal etc. making buying and selling easy and effective.

CallGetit provides 24×7 right answers and give users access to any local information on businesses across leading cities in multiple categories. It provides relevant and updated search results. It is easy for people at home, at work, or on-the-go, to receive information about products and services, matching their queries.

GETIT SMS App will provide local search capabilities throughout India for people without smartphones and without the cost of using GPRS data. This revolutionary SMS-based mobile browser, developed by Shorthand Mobile, delivers seamless access to a wide array of info-services via a rich, interactive and graphical interface. It provides non-smartphone users with a simple, convenient and intuitive solution for searching for and buying many valuable products and services.Consumers can download GETIT SMS Shorthand from the website

GETIT recently launched its WAP services- ‘’ and ‘’ which will enable both smartphone and non-smartphone users with simple, convenient and intuitive way for searching buying various product/services. ‘’ is aimed at offering people a mobile search facility and provides users relevant information about various companies, brands, products and services; whenever and wherever they need it. And ‘’ empowers the consumer with the buy, sell, anything service on mobile. It is a platform/portal to buy or explore used products locally and nationally.

GETIT is exploring new alliances with several companies in the media, telecom and other sectors. Such alliances will allow companies to drive new growth opportunities by engaging at the technological, marketing and business levels with Getit to drive new growth opportunities.

GETIT has a new presence on the social media. GETIT is now present on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc. The concept revolves around the innovative characters- ‘Ping- Pong’ and ‘Findy’. “This presence across social media platforms enable consumers a two- way communication with the service provider and provides an added benefit for the advertisers,” said Mr. Gupta.

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