Geo TV Appeals Media ,Readers to Oppose Curb

Geo TV, Pakistan’s top private news channel which was forced to go off air by the military regime in Islamabad has asked media and readers to raise voice against the curb on media.

The only platform left with the closed TV network, after its transmission was snapped, is the website ( . Geo TV website is getting huge traffic from all corners of the world and media freedom lovers are typing tons of responses to the clarion call made by the media group.

The overwhelming response has forced the Geo team to run a text version of their website and the regular interface has been discontinued to manage the huge web traffic.

‘Due to enormously heavy traffic on Geo TV website we are presenting light text-version to provide the latest news updates in chronological order. The full version of the website will be available to all our visitors very soon’ a Geo TV release said.

Geo TV’s appeal has garnered a worldwide support from the thinkers, readers and media persons. People are writing blogs , posting poignant comments and have criticised General Musharaf for putting curbs on media freedom.

‘I was shocked to hear that Geo is targeted by the self proclaimed General and President. By stopping the GEO transmission he showed his personal hatred not against GEO but against whole of the nation’said Ahmed , a Geo viewer from UK .

GEO TV Journalists Without Work

Geo Tv has not only lost cores of revenue but the curb has also rendered the 200 workforce almost jobless. The woes of the TV network do not end here. The channel was not only forced to go off air in Pakistan but in Dubai also.

‘Geo was shut down due to “pressure” on the UAE government from the military regime in Islamabad .We may move out of Dubai if a settlement is not reached with regard to the disruption in transmission from here .We have a staff of 200 people here. They will be jobless if this continues’ Imran Mir, Station Manager , Geo TV said .

Geo TV was established in May 2002 and officially began transmission in October 2002.It has been rated as the third most watched channel in Pakistan . Geo News had earlier shifted its main operations to Dubai in 2005 following the restrictions on the media by President Pervez Musharraf.

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