Garnier ropes in John Abraham as the brand ambassador for Men Brand

Garnier has announced that John Abraham will be the brand ambassador for Garnier Men. John will be seen endorsing Garnier Men in an exciting new print and television campaign, which will capture John’s attitude towards grooming.

The brand Garnier Men is about natural energy that fuels your skin. John Abraham embodies this value for Garnier. He’s got the charisma and the attitude. He is the face of the new Indian man confident and with tremendous self-belief.

Garnier is young and edgy, and John a youth icon, enjoys being himself. He is fun and settles for nothing but the best. Garnier is proud to have John Abraham as the face of Garnier men. Who better than the man himself to announce Garnier’s most ambitious launch yet.

The introduction of Garnier Men will cater to the booming Indian market of image conscious consumers by delivering effective, easy to use, high quality men’s products which protect and enhance their skin.

Garnier Men will launch the PowerLight range which offers products enriched with brightening and anti- pigmenting ingredients that provide natural energy for male skin.

PowerLight is Garnier’s first launch into the men’s grooming category. It promises performance you can measure. At the occasion of the launch, John said, “Garnier is a brand that is young and emits positive energy. It believes in Taking Care – taking care of yourself and the world around. These qualities appealed to me when I decided to become their brand ambassador.” “Today Indian men are conscious about being well groomed. PowerLight is Garnier’s first launch in the men’s grooming category. This skincare range promises performance you can measure. It moisturises the skin and makes it look better over time. PowerLight has also got SPF15 which protects your skin when you go out in the sun and prevents dullness”.

John adds, “When I act, I am always trying to improve my performance. Garnier PowerLight promises that using it daily helps improve your skin’s quality to give you fresh, fair, oil free and moisturized skin. Looking good is about self-belief. It is about the confidence to be yourself. So that when you go out there, you know that you’ve got what it takes.” Among the first products to be launched under Garnier Men, is the PowerLight range for men which offers products enriched with brightening and anti-pigmenting natural ingredients providing natural energy to fuel your skin.

Garnier, the international expert in skin & hair care was established in India in 1991. Its endeavor is to bring to the Indian consumer new, different and better products relevant to their needs at an affordable price. Based on the knowledge that healthy skin is beautiful skin, Garnier has created a range of skin care products. These contain active natural ingredients that combine technology with proven effectiveness.

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