launches Galatta Cinema on iPhone has announced the launch of Galatta Cinema on iPhone . Now Galatta Cinema has become the first Indian movie magazine in the world to be available on the iPhone. Already the largest circulating English cinema magazine in India for South Indian movies, Galatta Cinema has gone one step above its competitors by launching the Galatta Cinema iPhone app. The iPhone application facilitates iPhone users to view Galatta Cinema pages on iPhone for free.

For the first-time ever, India’s entertainment industry goes the iPhone way with Galatta Cinema’s new iPhone application. The application, an innovative attempt at bridging mobile and print media, takes the impressive, full-color Galatta Cinema magazine on to the iPhone platform. Built using cutting-edge technology, the Galatta Cinema iPhone application allows users to read all the 100+ pages of the magazine on the iPhone from anywhere in the world.

Galatta Cinema’s iPhone application is a simple, user-friendly application that is available for download in the Apple app store. Developed using the iPhone SDK and technologies like Objective C, Cocoa Touch and Excode, Galatta Cinema’s iPhone application offers an enriching experience to all its users – one can flip through, zoom in and zoom out pages, read one’s favorite columns/articles and drool over the amazing pictures featured on the magazine via the iPhone.

The first of its kind in India, Galatta Cinema’s iPhone application can be downloaded and used in both the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Galatta Cinema, the print media initiative of Indian’s #1 movie portal, is the largest circulating English cinema magazine in India for South Indian movies in the world. The magazine offers a complete picture of South Indian movie industries in an urban, interesting, full-color, glossy way. An exciting read, Galatta Cinema is a hot favorite among the film fraternity, movie buffs and fans in South India. With the launch of this application, has made its magazine available worldwide free of cost.

It is reported that the application has caught the fancy of users within just 2 to 3 days of its launch and that thousands of and Galatta Cinema readers who own iPhones or iPod touch instruments have downloaded it or are already using it. Now, South Indian tinsel town’s hot favorites, scoops and stories can be read, viewed and enjoyed by anyone in any part of the planet via the iPhone.

The ever-proactive team, instead of reclining on the success of the application, is looking forward to further enhance Galatta Cinema’s iPhone experience. It has been reported that there has already been many emails from users on enhancements to the app and that the team has been working to escalate the application to the next level.

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