Fusion AD Launches 'Media Cup' Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Honk Kong: Have you ever imagine it is possible to transform an ordinary coffee cup into a highly effective advertising platform?

Fusion AD has launched a ‘Media Cup’ Outdoor Advertising Campaign in Hong Kong, adopting a fresh approach towards providing clients with a new and persuasive option in the mobile advertising space. Within a short period of time, Fusion AD has partnered with major brands across different industries. Amongst them is the renowned international mobile phone maker HTC, becoming the foremost client of Fusion AD’s new campaign.

Mr. Kevin Chung Chi Hang, the Managing Director of Fusion Ad says: “We are confident in the effectiveness of ‘Media Cup’. According to a market research report conducted by Quantum in 2007, the coffee cup stays with the consumer on average 37 minutes per day. Prolonged exposure in its one-on-one form entrenches a long-lasting impression in the minds of consumers, fully exploiting the benefits of push media to the point of saturation.”

The ‘Media Cup’ platform at Fusion Ad originates from Australia. Mr. Dennis Wan Pan Chan, Managing Director of the company introduced the idea into the Hong Kong market when it became apparent to him its potential to shift the existing paradigm of mobile advertising. Dennis believes there to be an abundance of opportunities to exploit and develop this space within the Hong Kong advertising industry. Every aspect of the concept, from its campaign methodology, cost of production, physical mobility, to its infiltrating delivery, makes it a unique medium able to penetrate existing constraints of traditional forms of advertising. Presenting clients with a new platform for their marketing activities, ‘Media Cup’ brings an outdoor medium indoors, into an uncluttered advertising environment, giving brands 100% share of voice, whilst permeating every corner of the city.

The ‘Media Cup’ outdoor advertising campaign covers over hundreds of independent (non-franchise) cafes in dense commercial areas. Clients can pick from popular cafes in Central, Admiralty, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, North Point and Quarry Bay. Cafes are signed exclusively to Fusion Ad for all take away cups. In order to maximise effectiveness and agility of each campaign, clients can choose the period within which they wish it to run, and design the visuals and content to appear on the cups such as 3D creative and pictures. Attention to every detail is driven to complement marketing objectives, generate conversation topic, and produce an infectious impact.

‘Media Cup’ has received positive acclamation from clients, most of which have expressed an interest in exploiting this new platform as part of their product and/or service marketing in the future.

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