Funpiper Launches Event Planning with blog-like event pages has announced a collaborative event planner that allows users to plan public or private events on dedicated blog-like event pages that are seamlessly integrated with local search and event-focused social networking, both playing a critical role in event planning.

The event planner allows users to plan public or private events by creating event pages in a 2 step process and start collaborating with their friends on this page. These event pages have a blog like interface and, are created based on the template chosen by the user while creating events. The event pages act as a console for event moderator as well as the invitees.

Dedicated event pages allow invitees to collaborate with each other even without having a need to own a member’s account on On this page, event attendees could suggest venues, suggest invitees, and post messages. The page allows event attendees to upload event related photos, post event blogs and share the event with other friends and family members. Not only that, user also keeps a track of all the events that he attended in the past.

The event planner is seamlessly integrated with the event focused networking groups which simplifies user to easily invite friends falling under one of these groups, every time he creates an event of similar type. Event focused groups have been designed to be of public or private nature.

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