Fridaymoviez launches `Cadbury Celebrations Birthday Contest’

Mumbai: Fridaymoviez – a leading entertainment mega-portal has come together with India’s topmost chocolate brand, Cadbury Celebrations, to provide the unique opportunity for those smitten by stardom and wish to become movie stars! ‘The Cadbury Celebration Birthday Contest’ is a monthly contest that offers this opportunity to those born within the current month. All you have to do is select your best pic and post it during your birth-month.

The winner gets to perform as the leading star in a short-film that will be produced by Twilight Entertainment and run on fridaymoviez – with the portal’s ever-increasing eye-balls promising the winner of the contest, maximum exposure before a world-wide audience, online as well as on the mobile. Based on celebratory themes like birthday-months, and major Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali and Rakshabandhan, this contest welcomes all those who believe their talents deserve a break. is the only entertainment portal to produce short-films in-house, and has pioneered the concept of viewing short-films on the mobile in India, via its wapsite . Actively involved in the revival of ‘short-films’ entertainment in India, Sushant Baliga, Founder,, says, “We wish to celebrate and encourage this `short-and-sweet` genre of film-making, and are privileged to find the perfect partner in Cadbury’s Celebrations. We share a keen sense of commitment towards our patrons and are glad to extend this platform to promote their talents before a global audience.

The site has garnered a good number of participants eager to try their luck. We plan to further consolidate our affiliation with Cadbury’s inspiring brand repertoire in the future.”

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