Fridaymoviez goes mobile,offers Short Films on mobile

Mumbai: Fridaymoviez – a leading entertainment mega-portal – has launched its WAP site , offering the option of viewing short films on mobile applications for the very first time in India.

Demonstrating its new-generation mobility-centered service enhancement by this launch, FM is the first entertainment portal in India to exclusively reach out to the growing genre of short-film enthusiasts by offering a large collection of short films, varying from ten to twenty minutes in duration. In addition to this, FM will continue to delight all cine-buffs who wish to access Hollywood and Bollywood information and news, while on-the-move, through their handheld mobile devices.

To instil these services, mobile users have to launch their mobile’s web-browser and visit the link ‘’. Instantly, a micro version of the FM website, along with all its Hollywood, Bollywood and Short Films offerings, becomes available in the users’ hands.

Speaking on the occasion of this launch, digital infotainment expert, Sushant Baliga, MD, Twilight Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., says, “It brings us immense pleasure to launch our WAP site on our platform, and more so, to pioneer the concept of short films on mobile phones in India. The breakneck growth in the mobile user-base serves as a huge inspiration for us. FM is amongst the very few digital futurists to enter the dynamic niche of multi-platform digital services. We have harnessed the 3G wave to ensure maximum benefit for our users, and this combined with our unmatched quality of content and top-of-the-line technology has helped us deliver our promise of providing the ultimate user experience.”

Joyce Arora, Editor, FM, adds, “Pioneering the launch of short films on mobile devices is a concept born out of our focus on user convenience. For all those with a few minutes to spare, while in transit or waiting, can now use that time to get entertained and refreshed with a short film! We have a large collection of short films and will soon be adding more in regional languages as well. With mobile phones available to almost every common man across India today, launching this service will enhance our connect and also reach out to the increasing yet undermined, new-age genre of short film enthusiasts.”

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