FRC Action PAC Launches Newspaper, Radio Ads in Five States

FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected to the legislative arm of Family Research Council, is launching a radio and newspaper ad campaign in the last push before Election Day. Radio ads will target Senate races in Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky and the Michelle Bachmann race in Minnesota. On Monday, a newspaper ad will run in eight Ohio newspapers analyzing the impact of a President Barack Obama and an unchecked far-left Congress. Such a scenario would lead to radical policies on marriage, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, faith protections in public charities, wealth creation, and secret ballots in union elections.

This is what the radio ads have to say: Mississippi – The radio spot endorses Senator Roger Wicker, because “he will protect traditional marriage.” The ad states that “liberal extremists from around the country are helping to fund Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign.”

Georgia – The radio spot endorses Senator Saxby Chambliss, saying that he “opposes abortion on demand and gay marriage.” His opponent, Jim Martin, has made “protecting abortion rights one of his top legislative priorities” and “supports gay marriage.”

Kentucky – This ad says Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford “doesn’t think that a criminal that murders a pregnant woman should be charged with killing her unborn child.” The ad promotes Sen. Mitch McConnell as a “proven leader Kentucky and America needs” because he says “no to partial-birth abortion, cloning human beings and gay marriage.”

Minnesota – The ad endorses Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann a mother of five who has “opened her home to twenty-three foster children.” She “shares our family values” because she fought to put a stop “to abortion on demand, gruesome late-term partial-birth abortions… and stop gay marriage.”

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