Fraser Castellino to Head UB Group sports marketing Biz

Fraser Castellino has been appointed chief operating officer (COO) of UB Group’s sports marketing business. Prior to this move, Castellino was CEO of the Rajasthan Royals, the Indian Premier League (IPL) team. Dr Vijay Mallya, chairman, UB Group appointed Castellino for the high-profile job only days ahead of IPL second season’s player auctions on February 6 in Goa.

Dr Vijay Mallya, said, “The UB Group has significant interests in various sports and with the appointment of Fraser, we hope to significantly enhance the value of the sporting activities in which we currently have interests. We are committed to building superior brand value using sports as an effective platform.”

At UB Group, while each team will retain its existing sporting management organisation, Castellino will look after all commercial, administrative and sponsor-promotion activities. The marketing divisions responsible for The UB Group’s brand association with such sporting activities shall remain unchanged.

The UB Group currently has sporting interests in the Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL cricket team, the McDowell Mohun Bagan football team, the Kingfisher East Bengal football team, the Kingfisher Force India Formula One team and the Kingfisher Cricket Academy, Bangalore.

Source: Bombay Ad Club

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