Fox to Expand Online Advertising Network in Asia

FOX Networks, the leading international ad network operated by Fox International Channels (FIC), a fully-owned business unit of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS, NWS.A; ASX: NWS, NWSLV), announced its full slate of products in Asia today. One of the worlds largest international online advertising networks, .FOX Networks is set to revolutionize the online advertising industry in Asia through its pioneering concept – BrandformanceTM, a brand-building performance-based solution. Advertisers now have the opportunity to optimize their online media strategy by buying advertising space based on results rather than exposures.

We are taking our integrated advertising solutions to the next level by leveraging Fox International Channel’s worldwide sales and marketing channels, said Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President, Adsales and New Media Partnerships of Fox International Channels Asia and National Geographic Channel Asia, Through .FOX Networks’ innovative 360 degree integrated cross-platform marketing solution, we are enabling our global, regional and local advertising partners to reach viewers of our TV brands and online audiences in a targeted, cost-effective manner.

.FOX Networks serves 10 billion display advertising banner impressions across more than a thousand websites to over 50 million unique users each month. Advertisers will be able to access FICs global web inventory that include National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel HD, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure, Nat Geo Music, FOX, FOX Life, FOXCRIME, FX, BabyTV, CULT, The History Channel (India), as well as many other premium third-party publishers.

Advertisers can no longer reach out to their target audiences by merely advertising on the top three websites, as we are in an age of digital abundance with high audience fragmentation, said Frederic Guillet, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, .FOX Networks. With .FOX Networks, advertisers will be able to broaden their online strategy and reach targeted audiences cost-effectively through the thousands of websites that form the backbone of .FOX Networks.

With .FOX Networks, advertisers are able to combine branding and performance, two key areas of focus in advertising, through its BrandformanceTM concept. Branding provides visual cues for consumers to relate to a specific service or product in the form of innovative rich media formats with interactive components and video. Performance implies the results, traffic, leads or sales where direct marketers can tailor a more targeted approach to maximize their return on investments. .FOX Networks BrandformanceTM allows advertisers to buy quantifiable results on premium websites at a far lower cost than if they were to buy advertisements via a traditional media buying strategy.

Todays audiences are increasingly immune to advertising messages that flash across their screens, Guillet continued. Now its all about understanding the interests and behaviors of each individual and capturing his or her attention. .FOX Networks is offering its customers a revolutionary approach and toolset that presents the right message at the right time and creates interaction between the viewer and advertiser.

The aim is to provide the Indian audience with a wholesome entertainment mix and introduce them to new genres and formats in television programming. The offerings will be spread across genres to appeal at national, regional, mass and niche levels keeping in mind the modern Indian consumers lifestyle and mindset.

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