Fortune launches Indian edition

India gets its sixth business magazine with the launch of Fortune India. The inaugural issue of Fortune India features an article written by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on Why India needs its Independence, published originally in the 1942 edition of the Fortune.

The cover story “Your New Recruit” provides insights into India Inc’s biggest challenge of managing a global workforce. Other stories in the magazine include “Brazil’s Long Shadow” – Has India’s China obsession blinkered it to the rise of Brazil? , “Running the World’s Biggest Company “- Will Wal-Mart be the first company to hit $ 500 billion in sales, “Research Labs Come of Age – A look at India’s top labs and how multinationals are doing some of their cutting edge work in India with the regular sections like “First”,”Tech”,”Invest”,”Pursuits “- a section on the lifestyle of successful people and “Career” which will provide the keys to professional success.

Fortune India will be published monthly in English, through a licensed agreement between Time Inc. and ABP Group, one of India’s largest media conglomerate. It will be Fortune’s sixth international edition following Fortune China, FORTUNE Turkey, Fortune Korea, Fortune Indonesia as well as special edition of FORTUNE Greece.

DD Purkayastha, Managing Director and CEO, ABP Pvt. Ltd. said “Fortune India will provide business insights and trends to help big Indian businesses become aware of international developments that can affect them, and of unique local issues that could assume worldwide importance. The magazine will further strengthen our portfolio of reaching different audiences through a bouquet of international and local business magazines”.

Fortune is one of the most respected global business magazines, known for its unrivalled access to the world’s most influential leaders and decision-makers. Fortune 500 is perhaps the best-known brand in business journalism and the ultimate benchmark of the business success “Fortune India will bring forth the best in business thought, leadership and practice from across the world. Fortune India will be truly a global business magazine, dedicated to the global success of Indian business leaders”, added Pavan Varshnei, President – English Magazines, ABP.

Fortune India will follow the flagship magazine’s rich tradition of sophisticated and contemporary design, and lavish conceptual images that illuminate the pages with wit and creativity. D.N. Mukherjea, editor, Fortune India Magazine said “We believe that India is in need for a prestigious and credible business title. Fortune India will fill this gap and offer the reader a smart mix of international content and local insights. This magazine is going to be the single point for Indian companies and managers to gain insights into the world markets.”

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