For Forty-Something Women, Web Life is Close to Home

Despite their later migration to the Web, women ages 40 to 49 represent a dynamic force online. SheSpeaks, the leading social network for women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing, announced today the results of a recent study, revealing that 40-something women are highly involved in social networking, often demonstrating a more personal connection to online activities than their younger peers.

A national poll of the SheSpeaks membership yielding more than 2,000 responses revealed nearly one-half (45%) of 40-something women respondents have profiles on popular social networking sites. A majority of these social network users indicated frequent activity on these sites, logging in several times per week.

“Contrary to popular belief, not only are 40-somethings active users and members of online social networks, but they are actually using the Web in a more purposeful way than their younger counterparts,” said Aliza Freud, Founder and CEO of SheSpeaks. “These women have started to use the Web and social networks in ways that mirror the rest of their lives – from finding out about a product to shopping or monitoring their children’s activities – while the online focus for women 30 or under is primarily social.”

Additional findings from the study indicate that “shopping” is 40-something women’s #1 online activity (vs. “connecting with others” for younger women), and they research products online more than their younger counterparts. Forty-somethings are more likely than younger generations to post product reviews on shopping Web sites (62% vs. 53%) and to purchase products based on e-mails from a company (50% vs. 45%). While they lag behind their younger peers in terms of using blogs to discuss products, 40-somethings demonstrate an active usage of peer-to-peer tools for sharing product and shopping information.

As marketers explore opportunities to connect with female consumers online, the new findings uncovered that women are broadly represented on social networks and marketers are not reaching them in those venues. Online advertising was found to be largely ineffective among those surveyed, with one-quarter (26%) of respondents saying they actively ignore ads and 20% saying they are annoyed by the presence of online ads on social networking sites.

In addition to the 40-somethings, the SheSpeaks study also uncovered significant trends across age groups and demographics, including women under 30, Western Women, Parents of Teens and High-Income Professionals.

SheSpeaks, the leading social network for women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing, was founded in 2007. Clients including Philips, Dove Chocolate, Oxygen and others work with SheSpeaks to develop word-of-mouth and research programs based on its deep knowledge of the women’s market. Through its network of more than 100,000 engaged, influential women, SheSpeaks reaches more than 12 million consumers in USA . SheSpeaks programs yield powerful, measurable results.

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