FM Radios in the grip of Election Fever, Red FM organizes rally atop a Bus

Popular Indian FM stations are in the tight grip of election fever. On Monday, April 27th, Red FM organized a rally atop a branded Double Decker Bus with Red FM RJs and popular celebrities, which went across town stopping at crowded locations & societies and reminding people to Vote. Representatives from various locations were taken on-air and asked to take responsibility of their localities / groups and ensure that they turn up to vote. On Election Day, Red FM will talk to these representatives and get an update on the turn out.

Commenting on the initiative, Anuj Singh, National Marketing Head and Station Head, Mumbai, Red FM, said, “Most people of Mumbai are heading out of town because of the long weekend, but what they don’t realize is that they are giving up this once-in-five-years opportunity to actually make their voice count. With this rally we are reminding people to get up from their reverie and vote!”

He further added, “Red FM has always been at the forefront whenever it comes to raising issues that matter to the public, with our platform we want to urge Mumbaikars to develop a sense of responsibility towards their nation and urge others in their social groups to come and vote.”

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