First IFRA-INMA annual Conference, January 29-30, 2009 in Denmark

The new annual IFRA-INMA ‘Tomorrow’s Media Advertising’ Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 29 and 30 January 2009 .Under the motto “The Revenue Channel of the Future,” the conference, taking the example of case studies from all over the world, will present topics such as: targeting techniques, measuring campaign success, word of mouth, consumer-generated media, competitive alliances, classified advertising via online and mobile, multimedia advertising, and many more.

This two-day conference will equip you with new ways of thinking and new tools for your drive towards increasing revenues. There will be discussion and networking opportunities for CEOs, Managing Directors, Advertising & Sales Executives in the news publishing industry, but also for people working in creative and media agencies, market research, etc.

IFRA ( is the worldwide research and service organisation for the news publishing industry. With headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, it has acted since 1961 as the platform for decision-makers from the newspaper industry.

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