Fever FM to air Ramayana in Kannada !

Casting coup with Srinagara Kitty, Sharath, Dilip Raj and Sihi Kahi Geetha in the audio epic

Bengaluru: After the astounding success of Fever Radio Ramayan in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, Fever 104 FM today announced the launch of Ramayana in Kannada especially for Bengalureans. With a powerful starcast of Srinagara Kitty, Sharath, Dilip Raj and Sihi Kahi Geetha, this will truly entertain, enlighten and delight the listeners.
In a master stroke, and sheer creative cut-through, Fever 104 FM has put together for its listeners the biggest epic of all time with an astounding array of celebrities cast in the key roles. The artistes on board to play the main characters are – Srinagara Kitty as Lord Ram, Sharath as Raavan, Dilip Raj as Hanuman and Sihi Kahi Geetha as Kaushalya. This promises to be one of the most ambitious radio projects of all time, and a complete theatre of the mind for radio listeners.

Delivering on its promise of freshness and out of the box programming, Fever 104 FM will set the airwaves on fire, when radio listeners in Bengaluru will be treated with this mega production on the 17th of December. Audiences will get a chance to tune in to their heritage with Fever 104 FM’s grand innovation – Fever Radio Ramayana, a programming initiative set to enthrall Fever 104 FM’s listeners with a revolutionary approach in audio storytelling. The Fever Radio Ramayana will be around a six-month series with episodes airing every week day.

Fever Radio Ramayan in Hindi was launched on the occasion of Navratri (8th October, 2010) and has resonated very well with the listeners. In the Hindi version of Radio Ramayan key roles were played by Naseeruddin Shah (Raavan), Om Puri (Kaal), Anupam Kher (Dashrath), Jayati Bhatia (Kaikeyi) and Ratna Pathak Shah (Manthara).
Srinagara Kitty, who plays Ram, said, “It is a great initiative that Fever 104 FM has taken up, Ramayan on radio was unheard of and when Fever 104 FM approached me to play Ram, I was truly elated to lend my voice to help reach out and educate our youth about the great epic of Ramayana. It has truly been a challenging experience to communicate the emotions and create a real life audio environment for radio listeners. I wish Fever 104 FM all the very best and thank them for their efforts”.

Sharath, who plays the dynamic character of Ravana, says “This has truly been an enriching experience for me. I am thrilled to be a part of radio’s greatest innovation with Fever’s Radio Ramayan. My character has been challenging and I hope my fans enjoy listening to me. I compliment the Fever team for putting together such an audio treat for its listeners
“Playing the role of Ramayana’s focal character – Hanuman has been a humbling experience for me. Radio Ramayana in Kannada is a treat for audiences in Bengaluru and I am happy to be a part of this mammoth project. The reach and listenership that radio has is immense to influence minds and send out a strong message of love, brotherhood and faith through Ramayan” said Mr. Raj.

Playing the character of Kaushalya said Sihi Kahi Geetha, “Being a part of Radio Ramayana and working alongside my other colleagues has been a great experience. With the fast pace of today’s life, the new generation needs a convenient way of reconnecting to their roots. I wish Fever 104 FM all the very best and thank them for their efforts

S Keerthivasan, Business Head, Fever 104 FM, said, “Post the success of Fever Radio Ramayan in the three metros, we wanted to do something special for Bengaluru, therefore, we customized our offering to suit the people of Bengaluru. It was a huge challenge since from scripting to casting the entire exercise had to be repeated, but we at Fever 104 FM have always sought to be thought leaders, and to give our listeners the most special radio listening experience. Our creative team is one of the best, and they have helped created a wonderful product for the Bengaluru product. The Ramayan is a timeless classic and an integral part of our culture and we are trying to tell its tale in an interesting and innovative way and platform. I’m sure it will be loved and much appreciated across all age groups. We have great hopes pinned on this show, and we are certain it will take us to No.1″.

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