Fever 104 FM conquers Mumbai

Fever 104 FM has become the most aggressive radio station with No.2 FM Station in Delhi and Bangalore.

India’s youngest and fastest growing FM channel, Fever 104 FM has gained the No. 1 position in in Mumbai leaving behind all the other FM channels in the city. With a share % of 16.9% (all people, 12+, Week 17), Fever 104 FM has stamped its authority on the market, with the second and third players in the market being far behind. Even in terms of TSL, Fever 104 FM has surged ahead with a total time spent listening of 386 minutes, which is only a validation of Fever’s strong programming content and stickiness.

In Delhi & Bangalore as well, Fever 104 FM has garnered great RAM results with an overall listenership share of 16.9% in Bangalore and 17% in Delhi.

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