Fever 104 FM ,Airtel launch On-air Travelogues

New Delhi: RJs on Fever 104 FM take off for their summer break, Airtel ensures that they continue to create on-air magic for listeners, bringing alive the experience of their journey while on vacation.

RJ Tuhin from Delhi will travel to Ladakh, RJ Shraddha from Bengaluru will travel to Kanyakumari, RJ Sam from Kolkata will travel to Gangtok, and RJ Rishi from Mumbai will travel to Andaman islands, all the while broadcasting their radio shows to their listeners with the help of the Airtel network. Airtel ensures that on Fever 104 FM ‘aapki aur aapke favourite RJ ki baat bani rahegi’!!

Combining work with pleasure, the RJs will continue airing their respective shows – except this time it will not be out of a studio but from outdoor locations on their trusted Airtel network. Listeners tuning in will be transported to these exotic locales thanks to live reporting by the Fever RJs who will make the experience and the excitement come alive for their listeners.

Neeraj Chaturvedi, National Marketing Head, Fever 104 FM, said, “We are extremely happy to partner with Airtel, India’s largest and most reliable mobile service provider to come up with yet another industry first – a format that will further enhance the radio listening experience. It’s a great value add for our listeners as their favourite shows will now also combine the adventure and excitement of being at an exotic location. The experiential factor gets magnified by the narrative of the RJs and we are hopeful that this is appreciated by our listeners and Airtel subscribers alike.”

Tune into the live action on the morning shows for Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata while Mumbai listeners can tune in to the evening show from the Andaman Islands. The RJs start travelling on 20 May and the live shows will be on-air from 25th to 28th May, 2010.

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