Femina's Love Sex Issue puts Stands on fire

The latest issue of Femina is out and this time around it’s the Annual Love and Sex issue that has hit the stands. The glossy cover has captured the gutsy Kangana Ranaut in a sultry pose. The topics catch ones’ eye with their bold lines and statements which ranges from ‘Better sex leading to better bonding’ to The Women Fight Back Initiative where the young & pretty Hina Fathima faced domestic torture to the extent of her husband feeding her acid. The latest issue focuses on some controversial topics like starlets and their underworld ‘connections’.

The highlight of the issue is the Femina Love & Sex Survey 2009 that covered Sex in the Cities.The annual Femina Love & Sex Survey 2009 throws up some extremely astonishing results. For e.g. 36% women felt that they would stay with their man if he earned less than them, there were 73% of women in Bangalore who lost their virginity between the ages of 19 – 24, while another 46% believed in love at first sight. There are other interesting statistics that cover relationships, love, infidelity and sex.Browse through Kangana’s interview to capture her speaking about her destiny’s path to Bollywood and her ideas about love – it was quite interesting to note her statement that “it’s tougher for actors to find love because they are warped in illusions and live in a bubble.” Tricky indeed, especially as all of us know that love means facing a lots of tricks, twists and turns.

If you are looking to add some new words and meaning to your vocabulary you can read about an interesting concept christened the ‘bedroom dictionary’ which listed the A to Z’s of bedroom words starting from A for Australia which has the largest selection of vibrators, meandering on to an N which stood for Nymphomaniac and right till a Z for ‘zzzzzz’s’ sleep – the most important for a healthy love and sex life! Quite an impressive piece for dictionary lovers.From impressive it went to controversial, where various film beauties like Mandakini to Marilyn Monroe were covered for their romantic liaisons with the underworld dons of their time. Some of them like Lana Turner’s were horrific… read the issue to uncover the suspense.Lastly the tragic story of young Fathima simply astounds one, especially when one reads that she was married at the young age of 17 to Firoz Ahmed Khan who resorted to domestic violence which ended up with him force-feeding her acid that claimed her life. Her mother has narrated the actions taken against Firoz after the sad death of her daughter Fathima.

This story featured in the Women Fight Back Section attempts to reach out and help people in similar situations.This September’s issue promises a lot more exciting topics to read up like Nandan Nilekani’s book Imagining India: Ideas for the new century which explores the relationship between politics and industry or you could flip through eight pages of lacy and enticing lingerie that would be on any woman’s and man’s wish list!The fresh, diverse and exclusive topics featured in this issue of Femina capture one’s attention and introduces new concepts and ideas to the readers’ fascination. If you want to get a taste of such novelty, get a copy of Femina’s Love & Sex Special. You will discover plenty of informative articles along with a dash of fun in this Special Issue.

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