Feel the pain and sufferings of Thalassemia Major patients on Zindagi Live

New Delhi :This week on Zindagi LIVE talks about Thalassemia Major, an inherited blood disorder in which the affected children are unable to maintain Haemoglobin in the normal range. The condition requires blood transfusion at specific intervals, which is painful as well as very costly.

Host Richa Anirudh meets three Thalassemic patients and the family of a little girl who is battling the disease. On the show, we ask them about the challenges and daily struggles they have to face. We also appeal our viewers to raise funds for the girl.

To know more, tune into Zindagi LIVE on 11th August, Sun @ 11:00 AM & 8 PM, only on IBN7; and repeat telecast on 14th August, Wed @ 12pm, 15th May, Thursday @ 12pm and 16th August, Friday @ 4pm.

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