FD Reveals Critical Communications Issues

FD, the Strategic Communications segment of FTI Consulting Inc. (NYSE: FCN), has identified Seven Guideposts to help Southern California based-businesses recalibrate their communications plans against shifting business goals and prepare for potential crises during these unprecedented economic times.

FD developed these guideposts based on proprietary qualitative research conducted among business leaders in Southern California during three weeks in January. The research also reveals that the respondent’s top critical communications issues of 2009 are how to communicate market strengths despite the economy, other effects of the economy, litigation and employee layoffs. In addition, customers, employees and potential customers were deemed as the highest priority stakeholders with regard to communications.

“In conducting this survey and developing these guideposts, FD coupled our experience in consulting hundreds of companies globally on their communications issues with our deep knowledge of the local Southern California market,” said Linda Press, managing director and general manager of FD in Los Angeles. “Our multi-disciplinary team – with backgrounds in law, Wall Street, government, research, digital marketing, management consulting, sustainability and media – deepens our insights and differentiates the results we achieve for clients.”

FD’s Communications Guideposts for 2009 are: Measure Your Communications Plan Against Today’s Economic Backdrop ; Dust-off Your Crisis and Issues Management Plan ; Reshape Your Discussion with the Financial Community ; Embrace and Integrate Digital Strategies and Tactics into Your Communications Initiatives ; Ensure that Research is Core to Your Decision Making ;Use Communications to Seize Emerging Opportunities in Sustainability and Issue Advocacy and Anticipate and Prepare for Regulatory Changes on the Horizon and Ensure your Voice is Heard .

FD chief executive officer – Americas, Edward Reilly, presented the Seven Communications Guideposts at an FTI Consulting/FD event held last night in downtown Los Angeles. He noted that communication priorities in terms of issues are shifting, as are communications priorities in terms of stakeholders. Communications plans that remain status quo in 2009 will not suffice in the current environment.

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