FCC Decision on WealthTV's Carriage Complaints Within 60 Days

Media Bureau of the Federal Communication Commission has ordered carriage complaints filed by the network against Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Communications and Bright House to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”). The order requires the ALJ to return recommended decisions to the Commission within 60 days.

“WealthTV is extremely gratified that the Media Bureau of the FCC has agreed that there is sufficient evidence of prima facie violations of the law against discrimination by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House and Cox for WealthTV to move forward with its cases against these cable companies. Our high quality, high definition programming is already enjoyed by millions of subscribers to telco video offerings and forward-looking cable companies across the nation. WealthTV looks forward to the day when our claims against these big cable operators are decisively vindicated, and we can offer our programming to millions more Americans,” stated Robert Herring, Sr., Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of WealthTV.

Kathleen Wallman, WealthTV’s counsel, added, “WealthTV is appreciative of the careful analysis of WealthTV’s claims reflected in the Bureau’s order. Obviously, a great deal of time and effort by many at the Commission went into the decision released tonight. When wisdom confronts unfairness, justice results, which is what happened here. It is especially significant that the Order specifies a 60-day shot clock for a recommended decision by the ALJ because justice delayed is truly justice denied for independent programmers, which are mostly start-ups, as is WealthTV. WealthTV looks forward to proving up its claims before the ALJ. Timely processing of complaints like WealthTV’s is paramount to ensuring that programming competition and diverse content is available to consumers.”

WealthTV’s all original programming lineup is currently available on numerous cable and telco video services across the country. WealthTV is the premier lifestyle and entertainment network — the destination for exclusive and original programming, simultaneously transmitted in high definition and standard definition. WealthTV delivers to viewers informative shows that provide invaluable insights on what every American dreams of — from travel secrets to fast cars, from better etiquette to better investing, and much more.

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