FC2 Blogging Services launches Thai Version

FC2 Blog has announced the release of Thai version of their blog because of its popularity amongst Thailand users. FC2, Inc is a large scale web service company who primarily provides services in Japan. FC2 Blog was firstly launched in Japan in October 2004, and as of March 2008 there are over 400,000 active users with over 5.0 billion page views.

The original Japanese version of FC2 Blog has many features including Mobile blogging, 1GB of space, over 5,000 templates, use for business support, video uploads, drawing tools, custom templates, and tons of other features. Overall, FC2 Blog is easy to use, and most attractively, it’s free!

The Thai version of FC2 Blog provides many of the same features as the Japanese version. FC2 is open to any suggestions from users, to provide a faster and easier service on the same level as the Japanese version. FC2 is planning on releasing more unique features for the Thai version as well.

On May 27, 2008, FC2 released the English version of the blog, and after about a month of service, there were over 22,000 active users. FC2 is creating more versions of the blog in different languages, to become an international web service company.

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