Facebook , Twitter shaping future of television : Futurescape

London : Digital media research company Futurescape reveals how Facebook and Twitter are now power brokers for the global television industry. Their ability to create new business opportunities and engage viewers, boosting advertising and pay-TV revenue, gives them a significant and increasing influence over all aspects of television.

The key findings come in the second edition of the Futurescape report, Social TV. Facebook and Twitter are now power brokers in global TV, through creating new business opportunities for the television industry.

Shows such as The X Factor will use the Facebook Credits digital currency so that viewers can readily pay to vote. Pay-TV electronic programme guides (EPGs) are incorporating .

Facebook and Twitter: this lets viewers instantly recommend shows to friends and followers, encouraging them to subscribe to pay-TV channels for particular programmes.
More than 30 startup companies are launching innovative forms of social TV to entertain viewers and provide value for broadcasters and advertisers: most have deep integration with Facebook and Twitter.

The social networks’ power over the TV business will increase, because the future of television is social. Many viewers already communicate via Twitter and Facebook on
mobiles and laptops while watching TV. This trend can only grow: consumers are buying Internet TV sets with Facebook and Twitter apps pre-installed and also entertainment tablets, such as the iPad.

Viewers commenting during programming, particularly live event shows such as the Oscars, is likely to boost viewing and raise advertising revenue for broadcasters.

Connected TV sets with Twitter and Facebook apps mean that television programming will co-exist with social media on the same screen. Television shows will be viewed with an on-screen, social context.

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