Facebook leads others in content sharing

facebook-mobile-advertisingDespite rumors popping up every so often that some people may be cutting back on Facebook usage, the social network reigns supreme, reports emarketer.com.

Given its huge audience, its not that surprising that the site dominates content sharing activity, too, accounting for 81 percent of all shares among US internet users in Q4 2014, according to data from ShareThis.

In comparison, Pinterest accounted for 7 percent of total sharing volume, Twitter saw just 6 percent of the total pie, and reddit grabbed 2 percent.

What is interesting, though, is that the source found Facebook had expanded its share by an impressive 8.2% year over year. This was at the expense of almost every other channel studied. Twitter was hit hardest, with a 3.0% drop in its share of sharing volume, while reddit, Pinterest, bloggers and LinkedIn experienced declines of less than 1%.

Recent eMarketer estimates put Facebook’s mobile phone audience at nearly 1 billion worldwide, and sharing activity on the social network reflects this trend.

Facebook accounted for 85% of mobile sharing activity among US internet users in Q4 2014, according to ShareThis, up 51% year over year. The social site was slightly less popular for desktop, with just under three-quarters of the total.

A large chunk of that mobile traffic is likely coming via smartphones. According to a November 2014 study by Frank N. Magid Associates, smartphones accounted for about 44% of US Facebook users’ weekly time with the social network. Tablets grabbed 25% of time spent with Facebook each week, and desktops 32%.



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