EyeWonder Introduces First Truly Scalable In-Stream Framework

EyeWonder, Inc., a leading innovator in Interactive Digital Advertising technologies and services has announced the launch of its new Universal In-Stream Framework (UIF). EyeWonder’s new open standard platform allows publishers to deliver any next generation Interactive In-Stream Ad from EyeWonder or from any other third-party provider, after a one-time integration with the site’s video player platform. The Framework supports players built in Adobe(R) Flash(R), Microsoft(R) Silverlight(TM) and Akamai’s Media Framework. Other video networks and distribution partners already integrated include WorldNow and Lift Video Network in the United States and smartclip AG in Germany. EyeWonder is currently working with several of the other top publishers in the U.S. and around the world for full integrations.

“EyeWonder’s Universal In-Stream Framework is the first truly ‘create once, play anywhere’ solution — unlike other offerings it is not closed, proprietary or limited to supporting just one provider’s creative,” said Ricky McClellen, CIO of EyeWonder. “With our Framework, advertisers, agencies and publishers are now able to easily create, buy and sell the most comprehensive and compelling set of in-stream ads in the industry. This platform eliminates the need for multiple integrations and allows publishers to accept and deliver In-Stream ads from the variety of third-party providers. Our agency and advertiser clients are very excited about the new creative possibilities available to them, and publishers are equally enthusiastic about its creation of streamlined processes and enhanced revenue opportunities.”

With a single integration publishers can now deliver EyeWonder’s fully interactive In-Stream ad formats, while simultaneously supporting the delivery of ad units from other providers. This integration enables sites to drive additional revenue and to better monetize video content by supporting the fullest complement of interactive non-linear ad units in addition to existing or more traditional linear, pre-, mid-, and post-roll advertising through the Framework.

EyeWonder’s UIF is the result of nine months of intensive research, development and testing with various advertisers, their agencies and consumers across several major publishers. Agencies can utilize EyeWonder’s latest AdWonder(TM) Flash Component 9.3 to easily create and traffic these next generation ads, leveraging the same full interactive feature set also utilized in their in-page rich media and video ad campaigns. Clients will also benefit from the unprecedented levels of in-stream ad tracking and reporting available via a comprehensive and centralized repository, the AdWonder reporting system, which includes results from in-page campaigns.

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