Experience Revolution in Cricket Broadcasting

frankly-meFrankly.me, a mobile application which provides a QnA platform to the general public to connect to celebrities via video selfies is all set to take the thrill associated with the World Cup experience a notch higher.

The app will now host the virtual presence of famed Sports Presenter- Commentator, Jatin Sapru who will take queries from all the cricket enthusiasts via Frankly.me.

Frankly.me is ready to bring a revolution in the world of communication and the way people watch the World Cup this year. Jatin Sapru, the voice of Star Sports will be answering the public queries during live cricket matches while sharing space with well-known celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Shoaib Akhtar. This is for the first time in the history of Indian cricket that a commentator is connecting to the public directly during commentary intervals. Frankly.me is providing a chance to all the cricket fans out there to come and connect with the cricket fraternity via video selfies.

Nikunj Jain, Co-founder, Frankly.me commented, “The team Frankly.me is really proud and happy with the recent advancements in the platform and it’s steadily rising popularity with the empanelment of noted public figures including politicians. With Frankly.me, these personalities intend to understand the masses and their expectations better. This facilitates them with first-hand information directly from the common people and gives them insights which are more perceptive.”

So, if anybody has a quirky remark to make, praise the commentator’s verbal skills or simply wishes to partake in the excitement, he can talk about it on Frankly.me and bleed his or her passion in awe of the nation.


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